Lais and I are ready to announce our Webinar for the

2022 Contest season

Date: January 3rd | Time: 8 PM EST

We will cover things like
👉What show do you pick?
👉How long should you prep for?
👉How is the WBFF different?
👉What are the categories?
👉How do you register for a show?
And more... This Webinar will OPEN to everyone

Reserve your seat today

So You Think You Want To Compete ❓

The Stage is Not for Everyone

Not Everyone Makes it to The Stage

Not Everyone Wants to Get on Stage

But... for a few...The Stage is the goal🏆

If You Are Interested in more details, If You Curious about what goes into it, If You Have ALWAYS wondered if you could....then this is for you

Reserve Your Spot...We Are ONLY Opening 50 Spots